About MPS Voices


How MPS Voices Began

MPS Voices was launched to build on the 50+ years of successful Minneapolis North Community High School student radio broadcasting on KBEM. Our “Jazz with Class” programming M-F from 10 AM-1 PM wasn’t big enough to capture the level of interest in hearing more student and staff voices from across the Minneapolis Public Schools District.

The newest phase of this relationship includes the new Career and Technical Education Center located on the North Community High School campus. The CTE Center will train students in several fields, including media arts. Through the CTE Center, students will learn real-world skills, expanding their media career horizons. The new CTE Center is expected to open for the 2023-24 school year and will serve Minneapolis Public Schools high school students.

We Asked, "Can We Do More?"

Station Manager Dan Larkin came up with the idea of MPS Voices as a way to give students in the Minneapolis School District even more opportunities to show their talents, share their voices, and express themselves in a way they haven’t been able to do in the past.

To ensure this project is something the Minneapolis schools can be proud of, Executive Producer Manny Hill came on board and will be working in cooperation with Career & Technical Education (CTE), an academic program available to all 9-12 grade MPS students interested in earning college credit or receiving job certifications for free.

Peter Parker, Associate Educator for Jazz 88, works with the participating schools and teachers to ensure every student or faculty member who may want to be involved knows about the program. He also assists Manny with production, securing audio for the stream and helping the students produce content.

Cooperation With MPS Makes This a Powerful Partnership!

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) is a school district serving Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have

36,370 Pre-K - 12th Graders
100 Public Schools
45 Elementary Schools
7 High Schools
8 Special Education Schools
8 Alternative Schools
19 Contract Alternative Schools
5 Charter Schools
Many Homeschool Students Within The District
90 languages Spoken in the Homes of Our Students 

Each of These Students Has a Voice That Should Be Heard

MPS Voices is a project created to ensure they have that opportunity. Students can even graduate from high school prepared and qualified for a career in Broadcasting–either on air or behind the scenes.

Are You an MPS Student, Staff Member, or Administrator?

Any MPS student, staffer, or administrator can participate in MPS Voices. If you have a programming idea, we would love to hear about it. We would also like to help you make it happen!