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Join the Conversation at MPS Voices

Are you an MPS student, teacher, or employee? We want to hear from you and encourage your involvement at MPS Voices! Share your unique perspectives, ideas, and talents with us to build a vibrant community of voices, where your participation can make a difference.

MPS Voices Student playing guitar

Get Involved On Air

  • Review a Movie

  • Host a Podcast

  • Play Music

  • Interview Someone

  • Talk About Your Thoughts and Feelings

  • Discuss Problems and Solutions

  • Broadcast a live MPS Sporting Event

Get Involved Behind the Scenes

  • Write a Blog Post for This Website 

  • Advocate for MPS Voices

  • Edit On Demand Audio Content 

  • Be a Student Producer 

  • Record MPS Concerts or Events

MPS Voices Student with Camera

How Can You Get On Board?

While we will reach out through internal communications to ask for student and faculty involvement, there is no reason to wait! Contact our Executive Producer, Manny Hill!

Support Our Mission

The mission of MPS Voices is to provide an audio platform for anyone and everyone at Minneapolis Public Schools to produce or contribute audio content for a listening audience on a live audio stream. This is only possible with the support of generous people like you.

Get Involved